Technology, Quality, Dinamicity and Flexibility for Customer Serving

Company MOLLIFICIO PAVANO S.p.A. is among most important European producers of springs and metal wares in wire and strip.
Established in 1955 it is an example of Italian entrepreneurship, that made its way in the World, perceiving key factors of technology, quality, dinamicity and flexibility for Customer Serving.


Thanks to an approch deeply customer oriented, to satisfy its moving demand, MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SpA has been constantly developing production lines, today represented by:


The presence of highly skilled technicians allowes MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA to follow step by step all the phasis of the productive process:

  • the development, the project and the realization of tools and plants are internal thanks to the use of modern informatic systems and CAD-CAM;
  • the sourcing of raw materials is made with the support of selecting systems and suppliers’ grading;
  • and the realization of bend parts in customers’ drawing is specially studied with and for the customer itself.

Modern and wide plants are constantly renewed through a systematic investment plan.
The presence of different typologies of plants satisfy different types of demand (from high quantity productions to small quantities and prototypes), granting the maximum flexibility.


Springs and metal wares belong to our daily routine. Even if you do not see them or you do not have an immediate contact with them, they are indeed components of many object you use every day.
Our aim is to let you realize how important those hidden components are for correct functioning of the finished product.
In this Mission we grant to our Customers our technical, scientific and practical knowledges, achieved in more than 60 years of springs’ manufacturing.


MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA operates according to the rules written in the Internal Quality Handbook, based on UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.
At their entrance all materials, equipped by quality and conformity certificates, are carefully controlled.
Quality Office is at customer disposal to personalize Systems of production’s Control.

Production lots are tested and checked by qualified Quality Office Personnel with the support of specific and modern testing units.
The tracing of each single production’s lot is granted by the Internal Checking System and by Labelling.


MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA, thanks to a dynamic and informatic structure, is able to satisfy diversified and demanding customers.
Raw material’s and Finished Products’ stocks, combined to the wide and diversified range of machineries at disposal, are warranty of a rapid, efficient and qualified service all over the world.
Not least Courtesy and Familiarity perfectly complete the realization of MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SpA system.


Established as Individual Company


Turned into Limited Company


Factory move from Vercurago (BG) to Lecco, via Overijse 3


Member of Export Agency named ILEXPORT, first Italian Consortium addressed to increase export of small Italian business


Mollificio Pavano takes over springs’ manufacturing branch of Company MARER Srl


Opening of new Raw Material warehouse of (3.000mq) in Lecco, via al Lago, connected to main factory site


Opening of Productive branch addressed to ``Building – Technical and Industrial Closures``


Opening of second Lecco based factory: 6.000mq. - Via alla Spiaggia.


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